Early Detection.
Early Action.

Remote Monitoring for Children with
Life-Threatening Allergies

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Monitor & detect via Wearables

Our Partners:

Anjo.ai provides a revolutionary solution for managing life-threatening allergies in children.

Our remote monitoring system with wearables, utilizing AI and our patent-pending technology, helps detect early signs of reactions. This empowers parents to take action and potentially save their child's life.
Reduce medical
Improve quality
of life
Reduce Anxiety
Save Lives
No More Anxiety
Early Warning
patent pending
Anjo's AI predicts and detects early signs of severe allergic reactions, empowering parents to take action and potentially save their child's life.
Peace of Mind
Continuous remote monitoring provides constant awareness of your child's wellbeing, even when they're away
Effortless Awareness
Automatic monitoring eliminates the need for subjective assessments and constant worry.
Data-Driven Decisions
Physiological data and AI analysis provide personalized insights, allowing for life-saving actions to be taken on time.
Improved Quality of Life
Reduce anxiety for families by knowing your child's health is constantly monitored.
Revolutionizing Allergy

Physiological input via
smart wearable

We continuously monitor physiological data streams from smart wearables

Anjo AI Model

By leveraging large-scale data analysis, AI, and personalization, Anjo's patent-pending solution learns about your child's health and behavior. It detects distress or early signs of allergic reactions, providing parents and physicians with crucial data to make informed decisions.

Parents & Physicians

Empower parents with data-driven insights for informed decisions and peace of mind. This comprehensive view of physiological data will also enable physicians to make improved care decisions.

Anjo's model detects a child reacting to small quantity of allergen 1 hour
before a severe reaction (during an Oral Food Challenge)

Breakthrough in Allergy Management

Anjo's Model detects Anaphylaxis at an Oral Food Challenge (OFC) Clinic before clinical symptoms

Silence the Noise,
See the Reaction

Anjo.ai translates physiological data into actionable allergy alerts

Anjo.ai: Beyond Detection

Your Complete Allergy
Management Solution

Daily Risk Factor

patent pending

Anjo identifies daily risk factors that may increase the likelihood of severe allergic reactions, including environmental, seasonal, or health-related triggers, to keep you informed.

Continuous monitoring for
wellness report

Anjo can let you know if your child remains within recommended guidelines of sleep, movement and other wellness aspects.

Epinephrine Auto Injector
separation alert

If you or your child accidentally misplaced or forgot their Epinephrine Auto Injector, we will notify you immediately.

Advanced Allergic Event Log

patent pending

Anjo.ai provides an advanced allergic reactions event log for review by your allergist. Suspected reactions can also be manually logged, offering comprehensive tracking for personal or professional use.

Unpredictable & Deadly:

The Rising Cost of Allergies



Nut Allergy Prevelance




Medical Proc




Hospitalization Costs



Children in the US have allergies



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