Empowering parents,
saving lives.

A Founder's Fight, a Technological Triumph: Empowering Families with Allergy Management.

We Understand.

Every bite, every playground, can feel like a minefield for families
navigating life-threatening allergies. 

The constant vigilance, the gnawing worry about what might be happening at kindergarten or school when you're not there, the fear of an unexpected reaction - it takes a tremendous emotional toll.

But there's hope.  Anjo.ai is here to empower you...

Witnessing Fear,
Inspiring Action

Our story starts with a father's love.

Itamar, a co-founder, witnessed the terrifying reality of delayed intervention when his daughter accidentally consumed milk at daycare.

The uncertainty surrounding her condition fueled a burning desire for a solution.

Anjo.ai represents that desire, a mission to equip parents and create a future free from such anxieties.

Our Partners


Tal Golan

Co-Founder | CEO

A pilot and entrepreneur.
Advanced technologies business development and strategy professional.

Itamar Nocham

Co-Founder | CPO

Father to a child with a severe food allergy.
System development and customer success professional.

Ofer Amitai

Co-Founder | CTO

Serial entrepreneur, technology leader, software and cyber security expert.


Jen Jobrack


Former VP of Education and Advocacy at FARE. Owner of Food Allergy Pros LLC

Michael Pistiner


Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Subject Matter Expert

Reut Nocham


Data Scientist. Healthcare Optimization and Operations Research Specialist.

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Help create a safer tomorrow for children
with life-threatening allergies
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