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WhiteNoBackground.png 5-Minute Survey is a comprehensive service for families living with severe allergic disease.
As part of our service, we will provide families with a wearable device and an app that allows them to monitor their children's vitals remotely and provide them and their caregivers with an early alert when a severe allergic reaction is at its initial stages. This early alert will assist in ensuring children get the critically timed care they need, especially when they are away from their parents.
Other life management features included in the service are EAI (Epinephrine Auto-Injector) live tracking and management, allergy reactions auto-log, and more.

Answering this survey will help us improve our service to best fit your needs.

For those interested in free participation in our Beta version, please let us know!

We greatly appreciate your time and effort 🙏

The team

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